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Beyond salvage? Probably not! Before you throw out that precious item try pFOAM. pFOAM has the power of Puddle Out plus additional certified organic ingredients. Using it can restore your precious items to usefulness again. Simply foam it on no nap or low nap washable surfaces, scrub briskly, rinse thoroughly with Puddle Out and wipe dry. You will be amazed at the results. For fabrics you may wish to follow this pFOAM treatment by machine washing and drying as usual.
Does your cat or dog accidentally pee on your carpet or furniture from time to time? Tired of the urine smell? You don't have to live with that smell and staining any more. Our Happy Cat Solution's products are formulated to remove urine stains while deodorizing.
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Cat & Dog Urine Remover & Deodorizer